• Be essential!

    Do you feel that in your life, there is more waiting for you than boring everyday routines? Are you ready to step out of the races for recognition, the search for superficial satisfaction and the battles for love? Meditation is your high-way to get what you are really looking for in life: Your intimate contact to your Inner Source of Energy & Inspiration - Your Innermost, Divine Essence!

  • A modern meditation method!

    eyeQ4you Mega Meditation takes the best of East and West to help you enter the nourishing State of Meditation more easily and faster. You'll dive deeper and you will keep the benefits of your meditation experience for a longer time when returning in your everyday life!

  • Spiritual brain workout!

    For your performance in sports you need muscles and coordination! For your meditation performance you need a critical charge of your brain with a high level of coherence (= inner order and neural cooperation). eyeQ4you Mega Meditation is designed to build up your "brain muscles" most elegantly and effectively! AND: It's fun!

  • Turn Your Market Place into a Temple

    Combine the benefits of meditation with your everyday life! Live for the moment and enhance joy, motivation and inspiration in everything you do. Once you are in constant contact with your essence, everything you touch will get the golden glow of Spirit!

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  • The greatest adventure in life is your journey inwards!
    Erich Kästner

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  • The key to your enlightened lifestyle is hidden in your brain!
    Andreas Jell

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